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Oh Gee! Designs has created special works for wine tastings, parties, charities, corporate events, weddings, and group gatherings of every type.  A selection of our some of our most popular designs can be found in this section.  Our “Seasonal Designs” pages feature many festive pieces for holidays all across the calendar year.  For more information, see "Seasonal Designs Page 1."

Any design can be customized to your order, so please, don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us.  And remember- new designs are added every month, so be sure to visit us again for the latest from our workshop.  CLICK ON the Design Pages following this page for details and  to see all the designs that are currently available.

Oh Gee! Designs specializes in a large variety of decorative and functional glassware.  We have been glass painting our products by hand for over seven years, and now feature over 100 unique designs to choose from- many of which can be specialized to your order by changing colors, texts, and other features.  We welcome your personal custom orders, and can paint anything you’d like on any type of glassware we carry.  All of our glasses are heat-treated and dishwasher-safe and make for fun, practical gifts that are great for any occasion.

Contact our glass painting business in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, for corporate logo or custom personal designs on a wide selection of glassware including hand painted wine glasses and martini glasses.

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