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Most Popular Sayings



Grapes or Wine Glass

  • Get Your Paws Off My Wine
  • Is Wine a Carb?
  • Because Grapes are Healthy!
  • Working Nine to Wine
  • Wine a Little You’ll Feel Better!
  • How Merlot Can You Go?
  • Chairman of the Bordeau
  • Life is a Cabernet!
  • My Mind is a Blanc!
  • Que Sirah, Sirah
  • Tomorrow is Another Chardonnay
  • Wine Drinkers Make Grape Lovers!
  • I Can Make Wine Disappear, What’s Your Superpower?
  • I Make Pour Decisions!


  • Good People Drink Good Beer
  • I Only Drink Beer on Days That End In “Y”
  • Wish You Were Beer
  • Drink Beer Save Water!
  • Life is Better With Beer
  • I Give in to Beer Pressure!
  • Beer Drinkers Do it Better!
  • Beer Makes Me Happy
  • Go Ahead Take Your Top Off!
  • I’m German Where’s My Beer?

Apple or Owl

  • A Teacher Can’t Survive on an Apple Alone!
  • I Teach Therefore I Drink!
  • Keep Your Apple, I’d Rather Have Wine!


  • Peace, Love, Rescue
  • It's Not Really Drinking Alone if the Dog (or Cat) is Home!
  • A Dog (or Cat) Can’t Hold It’s Licker!
  • My Dog (or Cat) Has a Licker License

Basset Hounds

  • You Ain’t Nothin But a Hound Dog
  • My Basset Isn’t Spoiled, I’m Just a Well Trained Owner
  • Go Ahead I’m All Ears
  • You Had Me at Woof!
  • Love is Being Owned by a Basset Hound
  • Life is Better with a Basset Hound


  • He Sees You When You’re Drinking!
  • The Weather Outside is Frightful, But the Wine is so Delightful!
  • Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle!
  • Dear Santa, I Can Explain!
  • Dear Santa, Explain Good
  • Define Naughty
  • Bottoms Up!